Dead And Breakfast V – Horror Movie All Nighter!

Dead And Breakfast V: A New Beginning For The Dream Child of Michael Myers!
QUAD, Saturday 26th November 8pm – 8am

Five years of terror! Five years of blood! Five years of Bacon (or a Veggie alternative)! Dead And Breakfast is back for its fifth instalment and this year we are going all out. Not content with just five films, this year we are sixing it up! That is six horror films through the night for you hardy horror souls.
We have a horror classic, a sequel to a horror classic, nude space vampires, supernatural scares, road-kill and underground giant killer worms! How can you resist?

Running Order
8:00pm – Halloween (18)

John Carpenter’s legendary horror film kick-starts a night of horror as the opening film for Dead And Breakfast. Jamie Lee Curtis plays the infamous babysitter who is stalked by the evil Michael Myers. One of the classics of horror cinema and one of the most memorable soundtracks.

Halloween II (18)


Picking up directly after the events of Halloween, poor Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is put through the ringer once again by the masked killer Michael Myers. This time the stalking escapes suburbia, as Myers follows his prey to the hospital and the city.

Midnight – Lifeforce (18)


Space Vampires invade our world. And they are doing it sans clothes! One of the most popular cult horror films of the 1980’s has Mathilda May’s space vampire stalking her prey completely starkers as Peter Firth tries to save the world, and London, with the help of Steve Railsback, Patrick Stewart and Frank Finlay.

2:20am – The Haunting (12A)


A group of scientists and skeptics investigate the possible spiritual activity in an old haunted house. Quite possibly the scariest film ever made.

4:30am – 100 Bloody Acres (15)


“We’re not psychos alright. We’re small business operators”
100 Bloody Acres follows Reg and Lindsay run a small fertilizer company who run out of their “special ingredient”. Then Reg picks up two guys and a girl whose car has broken down. Time to restock supplies.

6:20am – Tremors (15)


Earl and Valentine are two handymen in a small desert town called Perfection. On the day they decided to make for the big city, a big problem surfaces. Giant underground monsters start picking off the inhabitants of Perfection and it is down to Earl and Valentine and a superior firepower to save the town!

Tickets: £25, £23 concession & £21 QUAD Members, includes all screenings plus breakfast in QUAD Café afterwards.

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