What 2014 has in store for Horror fans…Part 1

It is the season of lists, so I thought I would compile a selection of coming soon titles that should have horror fans salivating…


Dead Snow: Red Vs Dead 

The follow up to the cult zombie hit. After a trip to Hollywood for Hansel And Gretal : Witch Hunters with mixed results, director Tommy Wirkola returns to the world of his breakout hit Dead Snow, one of the first of a wave of Nazi-zombie movie. This sequel picks up right where the last film finished, with Martin the only survivor who thinks it is all over…


Nurse 3D

Douglas Aarniokoski’s Nurse 3D was announced last year with a stunning pin up style posters that got a lot of people talking. It is the story of a dedicated nurse who cares for people by day, but when night falls she is not much of a night nurse. Spurned lesbian relationship, cheating men and an unhealthy obsessive nurse, you are bound to be all thinking the same thing. How does she get any work done in those high heels? This looks like trashy pulp fun with Paz de la Huerta as the eponymous Nurse, with Katrina Bowden (30 Rock , Tucker And Dale Vs Evil) as the object of her obsession.

green inferno 1

The Green Inferno

Eli Roth is a name that divides horror fans and The Green Inferno doesn’t seem likely to be the one that changes that. Returning to directing after a few years acting and producing Roth’s latest is a revival of the cannibal movie, that flooded cinemas in the early 1980s in the wake of Cannibal Holocaust. A group of crusading students fly to the Amazon to save a dying tribe but crash and are taken hostage by the very natives they were there to save. Now they are being saved…for lunch.


[Rec]4: Apocaylpse

The [Rec] franchise keeps on trucking after a particularly invigorating third installment which broke out of the apartment building, part 4 continues the expansion. Journalist Angela Vidal returns to the series and is rescued from the building and taken by soldiers to be examined. But the demonic virus has infected one of the soldiers…


Wolf Creek 2

Sticking with sequels Wolf Creek 2 arrives in 2014. The first film led a vangard of a resurgent Ozpolitation movement with films like 100 Bloody Acres (2012), The Loved Ones (2009), Black Water (2007), Lake Mungo (2008), Storm Warning (2007). Greg McClean returns to Wolf Creek and directing after 7 years since the criminally underrated Rogue (2007). Expect more outback shootings from serial killer Mick Taylor.



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