Won’t Anyone Think Of The Mutated Frog People?

Fringe Cinema Logo

Introducing Fringe Cinema!

Early last year it became increasingly apparent to me that not all films made are horror films. Equally I had the secondary revelation that films were made before and after the 1980s. Also that other countries outside of East Asia made films too and that some had nothing to do with the music industry.

As you can imagine I was staggered by this information. I looked over QUAD’s various strand activities (Fright Club, Satori Screen, Crossing The Streams, All The Right Notes) and instead of seeing a world of movies I only saw gaps. Who out of these groups would screen The Warriors (1979)? Who could take on They Live (1988) and who had the, pardon my Spanish, cajones to screen 2019: After The Fall Of New York (1983)?

Shaken to my core, I did the only sensible thing imaginable. Watched a two week marathon of Ozploitation films of the 1970s and 1980s. I felt better and an idea began to form…what if I created a new strand of activity at QUAD? A strand dedicated to the unusual, the bizarre, the cult and some of the best and worst movies ever made? A strand I would call….Fringe Cinema!

Then nothing happened for six months.

Then I remembered. Fringe Cinema!

So here we are in 2014. A website dedicated to hosting articles, opinion pieces and blatant promotional stunts entitled The Fringes. It is home to All The Right Notes, Crossing The Streams, Fright Club, Satori Screen, the soon to be launched CineFiles and now Fringe Cinema.

Fringe Cinema will present the best of the other. The future visions, the fevre dreams and the flashbacks. The action masterpieces to post apocalyptic visions, vigilantes crime films to Blaxploitation.

From A Clockwork Orange to Zardoz and everything between.

Our first screening will be the amazing Hell Comes To Frogtown (15) on Friday 28th February. Tickets on sale soon.




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