All The Right Notes is back!


All The Right Notes is a selection of screenings, dj nights and album playback events throughout the year with the aim to being the best to music fans in Derby culminating in an annual all day music / film event with an eclectic range of music films from Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash, from Girl Talk to Sonic Youth, from A Tribe Called Quest to Delia Derbyshire.

It all finds a home at ATRN.

Announcing our next screening!

as the palaces burn 2


USA   2014   90 mins – Dir: Don Argott

 Thursday 6th March – 8.30pm (On Sale Soon)

Originally started as a simple tour documentary following the Metal band Lamb Of God, this film took a decidedly different turn when lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested on charges of manslaughter, blamed for the death of one of their young fans in a stage diving incident in the Czech Republic. What followed was a heart-wrenching courtroom drama that left fans, friend and onlookers around the world on the edge of their seats.

As the Palaces Burn press shot


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