All Out Of Bubblegum – The Many Quotes of Rowdy Roddy Piper

Some of you may know Roddy Piper for the cinematic masterpiece that is HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN, or perhaps for his turn as Nada in John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE or maybe even from his recurring role in IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA but it is probably more likely that you know the man for his many years in the WWF/WWE as the Rowdy One, Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Known in the wrestling industry as a good wrestler but a great talker, Piper was never at a loss for a quip or putdown whether through his wrestling promos or through his interview segment Piper’s Pit. Piper was at the centre of the wrestling boom in the 1980s, wrestling in the main event of the first Wrestlemania against Hulk Hogan and Mr T. While he never wore that much gold through his career (a sole Intercontinental Championship run and a tag team championship run in 2006) he had legendary feuds with Jimmy Snuka, Mr T, Ravishing Rick Rude and the Nature Boy Ric Flair and through Piper’s Pit played a key role in the huge Wrestlemania III feud between Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant.

Here we have compiled some of the wit and the wisdom of the Hot Rod.

“Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions.”


“Real men wear kilts.”

“You don’t throw rocks at a man with a machine gun!”


“I’m the reason Hulk Hogan lost his hair!”

“Rowdy Roddy cut his locks; but don’t worry women, he’s still a fox.”

“I’m so quick, I could spit in the wind, duck and let it hit the old lady behind me.”

“I walk so fast, I talk so fast, I could turn off the light and be in bed before the room’s dark!”

“When you were young did your mommy and daddy place the swing too close to the wall?”

“He’s as strong as an ox, and almost as smart!”

They Live 1

 “I have come here to chew bubble and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum!” – THEY LIVE

“Brother, life’s a bitch…and she’s back in heat.” – THEY LIVE


“You see, I take these glasses off, she looks like a regular person, doesn’t she? Put ‘em back on….formaldehyde-face!” – THEY LIVE

“Eat Lead Froggies!” – HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN

“Hey, you try making love to a complete stranger in a hostile, mutant environment, see how you like it.” – HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN


You can witness some of this wit on the big screen in HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN on Friday 28th February at 8.30pm at QUAD.


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