April On The Fringes

Satori Screen presents A TALE OF TWO SISTERS

Friday 11th April at 8:50pm

S Korea   2003   115 mins Dir: Kim Jee-woon


In this horror-tinged drama teenage sisters Su-Mi and Su-Yeon move into a secluded country estate with their father and his new wife after an extended hospital stay. Their stepmother Eun-Joo is less than kind to them and soon the paranormal seems to be intruding into the family’s lives. The sisters search for the secret of the house and it is clear that both their physical and mental well-being are in great danger. A hugely ambitious and stylish film which announced Kim Ji-Woon  (A Bittersweet Life, I Saw The Devil) as a leading light of 21st century Korean cinema.Introduced by Satori Screen Host Peter Munford.

Masterfully manipulative and bloody scary” – Empire Magazine

Tickets On Sale here

Fright Club presents CAT PEOPLE

Friday 18th April at 8:15pm

USA   1982   118 mins Dir: Paul Schrader

Cat People

Paul Schrader really hit his stride as a director with 1980’s American Gigolo and then this erotic horror update of the 1942 Jacques Tourneur B movie of the same name. In Schrader’s version Nastassja Kinski plays Irena, a young woman who comes to live with her older brother Paul, Malcolm McDowell, in the sweltering heat of New Orleans. There she discovers an animal side to her, a side that threatens to scratch and claw its way out.Introduced by Cult Film Historian Darrell Buxton.

Join us in the QUAD Cafe/Bar after the screening as the guys from All The Right Notes will be doing a Giorgio Morodor inspired DJ night.

Tickets On Sale here

Cine-Files presents BRIGHTON ROCK

Tuesday 22nd April at 8:15pm

UK   1947   92 mins Dir: John Boulting

Brighton Rock

Richard Attenborough plays Pinkie Brown, a small town crook whose gang runs a protection racket at Brighton race course.  When he marries naive waitress Rose, to keep her quiet over the murder of his gang rival, Pinkie starts down a path that becomes increasingly desperate and violent. A masterpiece of post war British cinema, and a screenplay written by Graham Greene based on his novel.

QUAD’s Engagement Officer Alex Rock will give an illustrated talk on the impact of Brighton Rock on the world of British Crime Cinema prior to the film.

Tickets On Sale here

Fringe Cinema presents THE VISITOR

Friday 25th April at 8.30pm

Italy   1979   101 mins Dir: Giulio Paradisi (as Michael J Paradise)

The Visitor

Has to be seen to be believed! A tale of intergalactic warriors, cosmic Christ like figures, a demonic 8 year old and her pet hawk, travelling dimensions waging an eternal war between good and evil, heaven and hell and the far reaches of space. Warning: features numerous examples of pre-adolescent profanity. Introduced by QUAD Cinema Programmer Adam J Marsh.

Tickets On Sale here


625 Line presents SHERLOCK AT THE BEEB

Sunday 27th April at 2:00pm (ends approx 5:30pm)

625Line logo - Graveyard


An afternoon dedicated to various BBC interpretations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous creation Sherlock Holmes, from the reverent to the irreverent. Join the 625 Line team as they explore the boundaries of Baker Street.


Hound Of The Baskervilles with Tom Baker as Sherlock Holmes

The Devil’s Foot with Douglas Wilmer as Sherlock Holmes

Elementary My Dear Watson with John Cleese as Holmes and William Rushton as Watson

Dr Watson And The Darkwater Hall Mystery with Edward Fox as Dr Watson.

Tickets On Sale here


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