DFF – Things Of Interest for Fringes Fans Part 1

On Friday the programme for Derby Film Festival was launched. Taking place over 10 days from 9th – 18th May, the festival is packed with interesting and fun screenings, talks and events.

But you are here because you are interesting in the more Fringe elements of Derby Film Festival. So here is a concise taster of what we think you might dig. Part 1 looks at the Special Guests.

For a full look at the wonderful line up – http://www.derbyfilmfestival.co.uk

 Special Guests


JOHN HURT is known to genre fans for being the chest from which the alien burst through in Alien (1979) plus last year became enshrined in television history by portraying the timelord from Gallifrey in Doctor Who – The Day Of The Doctor.

Episode 1 - (PHIL DAVIS) DS Miles

PHIL DAVIS also has had crossings with The Doctor in the Fires Of Pompei episode of the series and was the first case for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock. He is probably best known for his role in the hit series Whitechapel. On the big screen Phil has appeared in Quadrophenia, Vera Drake, The Bounty and more. Described by Daniel Day Lewis as one of the greatest actors alive.


WARIS HUSSEIN is a director whose early work will forever enshrined him cultural history. He was the first director of Doctor Who, directing William Hartnell in An Unearthly Child in Nov 1963. He has gone on to directed numerous TV movies (in an age where that meant something) plus the wonderful The Possession Of Joel Delaney and Sixth Happiness.


JOHN HOUGH is a director probably best known for directing the excellent Hammer Horror feature Twins Of Evil which featured one of Peter Cushing’s greatest performances. He also directed the great heist movie Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and two of Disney’s highest grossing live action movies of the 1970s/80s Escape From Witch Mountain and The Watcher In The Woods.

Michael Armstrongmark_devil_thumb

MICHAEL ARMSTRONG is a screenwriter and director infamously known for writing and directing The Mark Of The Devil (pictured above). He also wrote movies for Peter Walker (House Of Long Shadows), Future Bond director Martin Campbell (Eskimo Nell) and the wonderful Ian Merrick movie The Black Panther (recently re-released via the BFI Flipside).


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