DFF – Things Of Interest for Fringes Fans Part 2

Part 2 of our look at the things Fringes fans might like at Derby Film Festival. Here we focus on the special events happening.



To mark the 30th Anniversary of the Video Recordings Act 1984, Derby Film Festival  looks back to the golden age of home entertainment and the VHS boom and converts The Box cinema space into that refuge of many a film fan…the Video Shop! Come browse our shelves stocked with big tapes, look at our vintage video posters and get scorn poured on your choices by the surly till monkey.


 REWIND THIS! (Advised 18)

Friday 9th May at 8:05pm

USA   2013   94mins Dir: Josh Johnson

In the late 1970s and 1980s the VHS tape changed how we view films forever. For the first time we were able to see the films we wanted in the comfort of our own homes without having to scour the Radio Times for weeks on end in the hope of a television screening. Rewind This is an informative and extremely enjoyable documentary that examines the impact the videotape had on art, technology and wider society featuring interviews with filmmakers, collectors and more.


VivaVHS Logo (Derby Film Festival)

VHS enthusiast Dale Lloyd has been collecting videotapes for many years, much of his collection being made of up films that have never been made available in any other home format. Dale will be joining us to introduce one of his extremely rare tapes, the Canucksploitation classic Siege.

Viva VHS presents Siege! (18)

Friday 9th May at 10pm

In the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia the police are on strike and a local gang sees this as their chance to impose some new rules on the town. When a young man witnesses them commit a murder he takes refuge in a block of flats. A standoff between the residents and the murderous gang can only last so long before exploding into inevitable bloodshed.

Join us for the night with a double bill ticket price for Rewind This! and Viva VHS presents Siege for just £10!



Saturday 10th May at 12 noon

Marcus Clarke has spent the last 30 years bringing astounding creatures to life through the art of puppetry. Starting out with the world famous Jim Henson Workshop Marcus worked on enduring and beloved films including Little Shop Of Horrors and The Muppet Christmas Carol. He is now one of the chief creative forces behind CITV’s hugely popular Bookaboo. Marcus will be joining us along with some of his puppet friends for a fun and informative talk revealing the secrets of breathing life into inanimate objects.

Suitable for children aged 5 – 100!


Sunday 11th May at 7:30pm


USA   1925   77mins Dir: Rupert Julian

Lon Chaney’s iconic role as Gaston Leroux’s famous Phantom is brought back to the big screen with a live score provided by silent cinema specialists Minima. In the sewers beneath the Paris opera house a mysterious masked man dwells. The Phantom is a disfigured composer with the goal of creating a star out of chorus girl Christine and he will go to almost any length to get what he wants. A landmark in silent cinema, revitalised by Minima’s audio accompaniment.


 We asked QUAD’s devoted band of lovers of the printed word BookSQUAD what book adaptation responding to the festival’s theme of technology they would like to see on the big screen. This adaptation of George Orwell’s classic novel was their choice.



Wednesday 14th May at 6.05pm

UK   1984   108m Dir: Michael Radford

In the state of Oceania the ruling party dominates the populace with an iron grip. The Ministry Of Truth monitors every word and action of citizens’ lives. When lowly government worker Winston Smith (Hurt) falls in love with the subversive Julia he becomes a thought-criminal and is targeted by the powerful O’Brien (Burton.)

Come along and watch the film then afterwards join BookSQUAD for a friendly discussion of it and Orwell’s novel.


Thursday 15th May at 7pm

Derby’s independent press, Boo Books is proud to present AFTER THE FALL – an anthology inspired by the theme of technology running through the 2014 Derby Film Festival. When technology crumbles around us, we are left with tales of survival, tales of nobility, tales of wit and tales of woe. AFTER THE FALL features a new story from Adam Roberts plus Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Amelia Mangan, Stephen Palmer, Rob Sanders and many more.

Join us for this launch night, where we’ll be joined by authors Daniel Carpenter, Helen Ellwood, David Hartley, Andrew Kells, Emma Lannie, LD Lapinski, MP Neal and Rob Sanders for an evening of readings, panel discussion and signings. Followed by a screening of post-apocalyptic cult hit MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR (18).

Tickets £5 including entry to the Mad Max 2 film screening at 8:45pm and £2 off purchase of AFTER THE FALL.


Saturday 17th May – Noon – Midnight.

QUAD’s third cinema screen is transformed into Café Horreur for FANTASTIQ Saturday, complete with DJs and cult memorabilia for sale. Pop by to browse original film posters from the 1940s to the 1980s courtesy of Cinema Curios. Derby-based publisher Boo Books will also be present with a special ‘horror Boo-tique’ stall, with a range of classic and limited edition horror titles to buy – and there will be much more!

DJ Flatbush City Limits will be playing cuts from classic horror soundtracks from 8pm, and the jukebox becomes a free-for-all during the day. Play what you want, all requests considered! Grab a beer and buy some Hammer posters.


For our second quiz of the festival the questions will focus on all things fantasy, horror and science fiction. If you think you know your Dr. Phibes from your Dr. Mabuse and your Saw from your Thor then this is the quiz for you!


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