DFF – Things Of Interest for Fringes Fans Part 3

Part 3 of our look at Derby Film Festival’s programme and it’s Fringe tinged product. Here we look at the film programme.

Full line up – http://www.derbyfilmfestival.co.uk



Our own Satori Screen are presenting two previews during the festival.



Friday 16th May at 6:30pm

Teenager Nami (Takiuchi Kumi) has only ever wanted to be loved but when her mother leaves home and her sister elopes with her boyfriend she is left a solitary figure. She begins to seek out other lonely souls and passes her time obsessively watching them. Discovering the elderly Mr. Shiomi (Takashi Sasano), she believes she has found a kindred spirit. But when Mr. Shiomi is befriended by some Christian missionaries Nami ‘s plans are upset and her obsession spirals out of control. Mixing horror with social commentary, Greatful Dead is a truly unique film that announces Uchida as the latest Asian director to make a splash in the West. 



Friday 16th May at 8:30pm

 Battle Royale meets The Silence Of The Lambs in the new film from maverick director Takeshi Miike (Audition, Ichi The Killer, For Love’s Sake). Hasumi (Hideaki Ito) is the most popular teacher in school, beloved by colleagues and students alike. But something is off about this handsome charmer and fellow teacher Tsurii (Takayuki Yamada) begins to dig around in his past, bringing some terrifying truths to light that threaten to put the whole school at risk. A riotous dark and gory treat which is sure to delight those that enjoy their humour pitch black.


Friday 9th May at 12:40pm and Monday 12th May at 8:15pm

USA   2013   80mins Dir: Dan Kinem & Levi Peretic

In this celebratory documentary VHS collectors and movie fans discuss their love of videotape. Made by directors who are collectors themselves the film is a hugely affectionate and authentic examination of the days when video stores gave birth to a generation of film fans and for some engendered an obsession with buying and selling tapes that continues long past the format’s sell by date.



Friday 9th May at 2:30pm, Monday 12th May at 6:00pm and Tuesday 13th May at 3:30pm.

USA   1973   88mins  Dir: Michael Crichton

In the near future friends Peter and John decide take a holiday in the amusement park Westworld. There they get to play as cowboys and engage in shootouts, bar brawls and quick draw contests in a recreated Western town populated by intelligent robots. But when there is a computer malfunction which disables the robot’s safety mechanisms the two men are soon fighting for their lives. Michael Crichton’s classic science fiction yarn set the template for his later novel Jurassic Park and features an unforgettable turn from Yul Brynner as the indestructible robot gunslinger.



Saturday 10th at 1:45pm and Thursday 15th at 6pm.

USA   1986   102mins Dir: Frank Oz

To accompany the appearance of puppeteer Marcus Clarke at the festival we are delighted to present one of his most famous films (where he received the wonderful credit “principle plant performer”.) Rick Moranis plays Seymour, a nerdish young man with a crush on his co-worker at Mushnik’s flower shop, Audrey. Seymour discovers a strange and interesting plant with a taste for blood which he names Audrey II. Audrey II brings success to the flower shop. But when Audrey II demands more and more blood Seymour realises he has a fight on his hands. A hugely enjoyable musical like no other, screening in its director’s cut version featuring a completely different ending to the one shown in cinemas originally.



Saturday 10th at 3:30pm and Sunday 11th at 3pm.

Japan   2012   117mins Dir: Mamoru Hosoda

When college student Hana falls in love with Ookami she discovers he is a wolfman. Undeterred, she marries him and they have two children who share their fathers unusual gift. But when Ookami dies in an accident she is left with the difficult task of raising her lycanthropic children alone. A hugely charming and moving drama demonstrating that traditional hand drawn animation techniques can happily share the screen with state of the art digital technology and evidence that it is not just Studio Ghibli creating anime films that the whole family can fall in love with.


Saturday 10th at 8:20pm

Two classics of genre cinema featuring a star making turns from Mel Gibson as the violent man of action, Max Rockatansky.

Mad Max 2

MAD MAX (18)

Australia   1979   88 mins Dir: George Miller

Mad Max is a motorcycle cop is a dystopian future Australia. Max spends his days patrolling the barren wastelands that have become a breeding ground for outlaw gangs. But when his wife and baby child are killed Max becomes judge, jury and executioner on his mission for revenge.

MM2- RoadWarrior


Australia   1981   95mins Dir: George Miller

In the sequel, Max has become a drifter in a world where oil is the most valuable commodity. When he stumbles across a community with their own oil refinery he is persuaded to assist them in their attempts to fight off the violent motor-gangs seeking to take it from them.

fantastiq logo330px220px

Fantastiq Film Festival

Friday 16th – Sunday 18th May

The second weekend of Derby Film Festival welcomes the Fantastiq Film Festival and it’s range of guests and screenings. We already covered the guests to look out for but the whole weekend will be a smorgasbord of sci-fi, horror and fantasy.

Films to look out for:



UK   1984   70mins Dir: John Hough

The Verne Brothers were a hugely successful pop due who mysteriously vanished at the height of their fame. A music journalist seeks to find out what happened to them and tracks them down to an eerie village in the middle of the countryside. There he gets much more than be bargains for when he uncovers their truly disturbing secrets. A fantastically fun chiller from festival guest John Hough.



USA 1993 99mins Dir: Joe Dante

Director Joe Dante’s homage to the King of the Movie Gimmick William Castle features the larger than life John Goodman as Lawrence Woolsey, a director who is hell bent on using every kind of creative stunts to lure audiences into the cinemas to see his latest movie about a half man half ant creature…MANT!



Australia 1984 95mins Dir: Russell Mulcahy

After directing the Pete and Dud film Derek and Clive Get The Horn and countless pop videos including Video Killed The Radio Star and seemingly all of Duran Duran’s early output, Russell Mulcahy turned his attention to feature films. First on his hit list was this epic tale of a gigantic wild boar terrorising the Australian outback.



West Germany 1970 96mins Dir: Michael Armstrong

Mark Of The Devil stars Herbert Lom as a Witchfinder who with apprentice (Udo Kier) travels the 18th century Austrian countryside making accusations of devil worship. Notorious on release due to the violent nature of the footage, the US release is legendary with promotional taglines claiming it to be ‘Positively the most horrifying film ever made’ and ‘Rated V for Violence’, while sick bags were given free to audiences.



UK   1963   100mins  Dir: Waris Hussein

A rare chance to see the birth of a legend on the big screen in this showing of the very first Doctor Who serial. When schoolteachers Ian and Barbara become concerned about the strange behaviour of their pupil Susan they follow her home. There they meet her mysterious grandfather, known as The Doctor (William Hartnell), and find themselves on a perilous voyage in his T.A.R.D.I.S. Their lives (and British television) will never be the same again…

toe1 (1)


UK   1971   87mins Dir: John Hough

Twins Maria and Frieda travel to live with their aunt and uncle following the death of their parents. Uncle Gustav (Peter Cushing) is a witch hunter who spends his nights seeking out servants of evil, often targeting the innocent. When local black magician and vampire Count Karnstein turns Maria to the dark side Gustav must face true evil for the very first time. A classic Hammer horror chiller from festival guest John Hough.

Black Christmas 2


Canada 1974 98m Dir: Bob Clark

One of the great horror films and one of the films, along with Mario Bava’s A Bay Of Blood (1971), to have influenced and inspired the late 70s slasher movie boom. Bob Clark’s film is set, not surprisingly, over Christmas as a group of sorority sisters make plans for the holidays but a series of strange anonymous phone calls are putting them on edge. The edge of a blade…



USA   1972   105mins  Dir: Waris Hussein

Norah, a wealthy Manhattan woman (Shirley MacLaine) is worried about the odd behaviour her brother Joel (Perry King) has been displaying recently. When Joel is arrested for assault and the body of his girlfriend is discovered decapitated Norah discovers that Joel has become involved in the mysterious, dark religion known as Santeria.  Waris Hussein predated The Exorcist with this shocking and controversial drama.

John Hough roddy mcdowell screams


USA   1973   95mins  Dir: John Hough

Festival guest John Hough breathed new life into the haunted house genre with this adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel. Eccentric millionaire Mr. Deutsch is seeking to close the debate on life after death once and for all. To do so he sends a group led by a physicist and containing two mediums to stay at Belasco House, where many years before a massacre occurred, The house is reputed to drive all visitors either insane or to their death. Sure enough things are soon violently going bump in the night and solving the mystery of the house becomes a life or death proposition.

Full line up – http://www.derbyfilmfestival.co.uk


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