July On The Fringes

A whole raft of variety on the Fringes this coming July with Aliens, Drag Queens, Roadies and Jackie Chan!

operation condor

Satori Screen present the excellent OPERATION CONDOR  on 11th July which sees Jackie Chan as Condor, a secret agent tasked with finding a lost cache of Nazi loot hidden in the Sahara desert. But others with less noble intentions also have designs on it and Condor, and his three female sidekicks, have a fight on their hands. A Hong Kong take on an Indiana Jones style plot, Chan creates some of his most spectacular fights and jaw dropping stunts. As ever Peter Munford will be on hand to introduce the film.

They LiveAfter the rescheduling of the release date for Escape From Tomorrow, Fright Club had a dilemma on their hands. They could just do nothing and let the date pass or they could take the decision to the people! That is what we did. So replacing Escape From Tomorrow, as voted for by the members of the Fright Club group, John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE will hit Fright Club screens.

They Live- OBEY

Fright Club presents THEY LIVE on Fri 18th September. “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all outta bubblegum!” Roddy Piper, making his second appearance on the Fringes after March’s Hell Comes To Frogtown, stars as drifter Nada who discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see the aliens that are taking over the world. And it gives him a reason to wear sunglasses indoors! Fright Club host Darrell Buxton will be on hand to introduce this marvellous film.

Edge Lit logo for website

We welcome the Horror, Science-Fiction and Fantasy literature event EDGE-LIT 3 on July 19th for a whole day of the best in genre fiction with special guests of honour Charlie Stross and Joe Abercrombie alongside genre favourites Paul Kane, Marie O’Regan, Johnny Mains,Jaine Fenn, Conrad Williams and more.


Fringe Cinema is throwing the spotlight back onto John Waters’ muse Divine, with screenings of the excellent documentary I AM DIVINE. This amazing documentary charts the life Harris Glen Milstead, better known to millons of adoring fans as Divine! The film looks at the man behind the makeup in a truly warts and all film. For fans of Waters, Divine and a time period when a 300 pound drag queen could become an international icon. Simply Divine! Fright Club host will be heading into Fringe Cinema territory as Darrell Buxton will be on hand to introduce the film on Friday 25thJuly.



Finally a few things that should tickle the fancy of Fringes regulars, THE STRANGE COLOUR OF YOUR BODIES TEARS makes a return to QUAD after problems screening earlier in the year. Here we finally get to see this beautiful ode to Giallo on the big screen. A man goes looking for his missing wige in the labyrinthine halls of his apartment building. Through the search he comes across the strand inhabitants of building. Beautiful and beguiling stuff.


COLD IN JULY runs for a couple of weeks at the end of June and the start of July, as featured in our films to look out for in 2014 article earlier in the year. This film sees Stake Land and We Are What We Are director Jim Mickle tackle the excellent dark East Texas crime novel by Bubba Hotep writer Joe R Lansdale. Dexter star Michael C Hall stars alongside Sam Shepard and Don Johnson.

The National Perform In Chicago Illinois

All The Right Notes fans should be interested in the excellent MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS doc made by the Heavy Metal loving brother of The National’s Matt Berninger. Joining his brother on tour this is a great doc about sibling rivalry when one of the brothers is famous.

A hard days night

Plus not forgetting the 50th anniversary re-release of A HARD DAY’S NIGHT when the Fab Four hitting cinema screens again.

Looking beyond July, August is shaping up nicely with some Australian and Japanese morsels to dine upon plus Daleks and Doctors with the Whooverville convention. Before The Fringes as a whole joins the Scalarama party in September for a mega month of amazing films!


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