Jackie Chan’s Armour Of God In 5 Minutes

Jackie Chan in Armour Of God

Jackie Chan in Armour Of God

Last night Satori Screen showed the 1991 Jackie Chan epic Operation Condor to a very appreciative crowd. As Operation Condor is a loose sequel to Chan’s 1986 film Armour Of God I thought it would be fun to get the audience up to speed by playing some highlights from the first film as part of of my introduction before the main feature.

I set myself the challenge of editing the 95 minutes of the film down to 5, whilst maintaining the storyline in a comprehensible version as well as all of the action highlights. After about 10 hours of work (mostly involving shaving milliseconds off shots in order to meet the running time required) here is what I came up with:

The soundtrack is the English language version of the theme song to Armour Of God, sung by Jackie Chan himself.

The next Satori Screen event will be on August 15th where we shall screen Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s enigmatic drama Bright Future starring Joe Odagiri and Tadanobu Asano.

Here’s a trailer for Bright Future:

If you would like to join in the discussions of Asian cinema that occur on our Facebook group please head over to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/satoriscreen/ and sign up.

Peter Munford



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