Fringes In Seasons!

From Oct, QUAD is changing how they programme the cinemas to a more flexible style of programming allowing them to capitalise on successful films by running them longer. For more information on that see the link….here.

This means that we will be programming all the Fringes activity in three month seasonal blocks! So here is the programme from now til Christmas!!!

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Oct 10th – MOTHRA (1961) / GODZILLA (1954) –  2nd Anniversary Double Bill

First up the giant moth-creature Mothra comes to town from the mysterious island of Beiru – and stomps all over it. Then the granddaddy of the ‘Kaiju Eiga’ (creature film) Godzilla is revived by atomic testing, heads for Tokyo, and stomps all over it. Director Ishiro Honda was the undisputed master of this genre and these two films remain as much fun today as they were fifty years ago. Tickets: £12, £10 Concession and £9 QUAD Members


Fantastic grindhouse thrills in this Unjustly forgotten Kung Fu movie full of swordplay, impressive eyebrows, unlikely acrobatics and shocking twists. Sally Wong plays the title character, a less than talkative bounty hunter who spends her life chopping up outlaws. But when the tables are turned she finds herself on the run from assassins and their boss, a psychopathic princess. Unavailable on DVD and screening from an original 35mm print, Satori Screen offers perhaps your only chance to ever see this lost classic.

Dec 5th – FOR Y’UR HEIGHT ONLY (1981)

Superspy Agent 00 (cult legend Weng Weng) is a master martial artist, a faultless marksman and a huge hit with the ladies of Manila. He also just happens to be 2” 9’ tall. When Mr. Giant, an evil mastermind of similar stature, seeks to hold the world to ransom with a deadly N-bomb, Agent 00 must use his full complement of skills, gadgets and nut-punches to prevent a catastrophe. An unforgettable grindhouse classic which will have your jaw on the floor throughout, and no we don’t know what’s going on with the apostrophe in the title either.

Fright Club

Oct 24th – THE BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW (1970)

In 17th Century England, a ploughman uncovers the remains of a strange creature, which are the remains of a devil and the villagers children are slowly taken over by the evil inside the creature’s bones. Seventies sex siren Linda Hayden stars as Angel Blake, the leader of a Satanic group of villagers in an  alongside Patrick Wymark, Michelle Dotrice (Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave Em) and Wendy Padbury (Doctor Who). A under-rated classic from Tigon Studios. Screening as part of QUAD’s Supernatural Season.  Introduction by Andrew Fergus Wilson, University Of Derby.

Oct 31st – DEAD AND BREAKFAST: SIX AND VIOLENCE – Allnighter horror marathon followed by breakfast. Films confirmed HELLRAISER (1987),  PSYCHO BEACH PARTY (2000) , ???????, WOLFCOP (2014) , AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981)

Our all-night horror marathon reaches its sixth year of providing the best in horrific thrills. This year’s line up could be the best yet. See  for full film details.

Nov 21st  – DON’T LOOK NOW (1973)

One of the masterworks of scary cinema, Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now follows a married couple in Venice after the recent death of their daughter. There they encounter two elderly sisters who gives them a stark warning from beyond the grave. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie are excellent as the couple struggling with their grief and the supernatural occurrences on the streets and waterways of Venice. Screening as part of QUAD’s Supernatural Season

Nov 28th – TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (1972)

In the 13th century a legion of evil Knights Templar are executed for their evil deeds, their bodies left for the crows. In modern day 1970s Portugal a group of people stumble on an abandoned Templar monastery and unwittingly revive the rotting corpses. Knights Templar Zombies! Seriously if that is not enough for you to part with your money then I don’t know what is. Introduced by Cult Film Historian Darrell Buxton

Dec 12th – CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980) + Live Skype Q&A with Director Lewis Jackson.

Made in the golden age of the slasher movie, Lewis Jackson’s Christmas Evil, latched onto the obsession with holiday slashers and created arguably the best of the Christmas slashers. The tale is about a boy who loves Christmas and is irrevocably scarred when his finds out that Santa is not real (What?). As an adult he is disturbed by the behaviour of children and finally snaps and goes on a yuletide killing spree deciding who has been naughty and who has been nice! We are delighted to be joined by director Lewis Jackson for a live Skype Q&A for this screening (subject to work commitments).

 “The greatest Christmas movie ever made!” – John Waters


Nov 4th & 5th – BJORK: BIOPHILIA LIVE (2014)

Björk: Biophilia Live is a concert film by Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio) and recorded live at London’s Alexandra Palace in September 2013. The film features Björk and her band performing her eighth studio album Biophilia and reworked versions of classic songs from Björk’s extraordinary catalogue. The live performance is augmented with animation created by top designers and features science and nature archive and found footage inspired by the themes of the album, which explore the relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena – atomic, cellular and cosmic. The infinitely creative journey presents a culmination of work that represents one of the most original musical endeavours of a generation. 

+ dates to be confirmed:


This documentary explores the life and music of hip hop artist Nas on the twentieth anniversary of the release of his debut album, Illmatic. The album has become regarded as a Hip hop benchmark that encapsulates the socio-political outlook, enduring spirit and the collective angst of a generation of black men searching for their voice in America. This film looks at the making of the album and the social conditions that influenced its creation.


This is the stunning documentary/drama about ex-Orange Juice singer Edwyn Collins who in 2005 suffered a haemorrhagic stroke and lost his memory and his ability to speak. This film picks up his story six years after his stroke, as he struggled to relearn his speech, not to mention the songs that made his name.

“eschews conventional form to pitch us into the disorientating reality of life” – The Guardian

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Oct 19th – SEVEN SAMURAI (1954)

One of Kurosawa’s masterpieces and another collaboration with his leading man Toshiro Mifune, sees a poor village under threat from raiding bandits employ an unlikely group of saviours in the form of seven samurai. They teach the village how to defend themselves and in return they get three meals a day. But the raiding bandits are just waiting to attack…The screening on Sunday 19th at 4:00pm will be introduced by Total Film Journalist and Kinnemaniac blogger Simon Kinnear.

Dec 7th – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)

For the first time on a QUAD screen, Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece graces cinema 1 in all its glory as this spectacular, transcendent epic is re-released in a brand new digital transfer. When humanity finds a mysterious monolith buried on the moon and evidence of another near Jupiter, they embark on a mission to discover its secrets. But en route they have problems with their computer system HAL 9000… The screening on Sunday 7th December at 4pm will be introduced by Total Film Journalist and Kinnemaniac blogger Simon Kinnear.

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Oct 17th – WITHNAIL & I (1987)

“We’ve gone on holiday by mistake”,“We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here and we want them now” and “Fork It!!!” are well known lines from one of the best British comedies ever made. Paul McGann and Richard E Grant set the screen alight and send audiences into hysterics with their depictions of out-of-work actors who decide to go to the country. A genuine classic.

Nov 21st – HOWARD….A NEW BREED OF HERO (1986)

FINALLY! When a science experiment goes wrong and plucks the unsuspecting duck from his home planet of Duck World, it deposits him in 1980s Cleveland surrounded by hairless apes! Howard teams up with an all girl rock group called Cherry Bomb and a nerd played by Tim Robbins against a scientist possessed by the Dark Overlord, all to get back home! After a cameo appearance in this year’s Marvel blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy, Howard’s stock is at an all time high. And as we are looking at failed attempts at Franchise building, what better film to highlight than Howard. Screening as part of the Science Fiction Season running Oct – Dec.

Nov 29th – SUPER MARIO BROS (1993)

“This Ain’t No Game!” was the cry from the trailer when Hollywood tried to transfer the world dominance of Super Mario Bros into films. It didn’t quite work and three weeks after it was released, Jurassic Park changed the landscape and made movies like SMB extinct. But there is a lot to enjoy here with Dennis Hopper hamming it up as King Koopa and the late Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo great as the plumbers battling to save the universe. Screening as part of the Science Fiction Season running Oct – Dec.

Dec 17th – BRAZIL (1985)

Gilliam’s masterpiece of a bureaucratically dystopian nightmare sees an official (Jonathan Pryce) trying to correct a simple administrative error and as a consequence becoming an enemy of the state. Kafka’s The Trail, Orwell’s 1984 are in the mix all channelled through Gilliam’s Pythonesque outlook. Oh, and it is set at Christmas too. Screening as part of the Science Fiction Season running Oct – Dec.

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Dec 19th – DIE HARD (1988) / DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER (1990)

One of the classics of action cinema as NYPD cop John McClane is trapped in the Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve when terrorist Hans Gruber takes everyone hostage. He’s just one cop, how much trouble can he cause?

Then in Die Hard 2: Die Harder

McClane is back! And once again he is in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a Washington Airport is taken hostage, leaving John McClane to save the circling planes running low on fuel. Yippee-ki-yay…..!

Tickets: £12, £10 Concession £9 QUAD Members


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Oct 11th – Filmed In Supermarionation (2014)

This brand new documentary tells the definitive story of how its creators, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, pioneered what was to become their trademark in film-making using marionettes. Using a wealth of new interviews and previously unseen archive footage, the film celebrates the studio and the shows that they made famous.

Oct 12th – This Is Supermarionation (various years)

This wonderful companion piece to Filmed In Supermarionation is a showcase of the studio’s greatest shows, re-mastered in HD. The novelty here is there is 30 mins of new linking footage with new introductions by Parker and Lady Penelope, plus archive and commercial breaks in between episodes which feature contemporary commercials for products like Sugar Smacks, made by the studio at the time. Episodes screening include:

Stingray: The Pilot; Joe 90: Hi-Jacked; Four Feather Falls: Gunfight On Main Street; Thunderbirds: Terror In New York City; Supercar: False Alarm; The Secret Service: More Haste Less Speed; Fireball XL5: Space City Special & Captain Scarlett And The Mysterons: The Mysterons

Tickets links will go live soon and expect more information on the films soon too!

While we will be programming these events three months in advance, the flexible programme means we are able to take additional films if the opportunities present themselves!

I think it is a cracking line up!

See you at the movies!






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