Pleasence Day at Pleas Fest!


Our Friends at KinoKlubb, Kneel Before Zod and Watergate CinemaTek Film Club have joined forces to spend the day celebrating the work of the wonderful Donald Pleasence! If you fancy a trip to Worksop, birthplace of the great man, read on below.

“PLEAS FEST is a celebration of the work of Donald Pleasence and will be held on Sunday 8th March at the Savoy Cinema in Worksop.

We have joined forces with our Cinema Diabolique partners Kneel before Zod and Watergate Cinematek to bring Donald back to his hometown with some special screenings to celebrate his work in the Savoy Cinema just round the corner from Donald’s family home.

Donald Henry Pleasence was born October 5th, 1919 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. He was an intense, multi-faceted actor who bought something unique to each of his performances, recognisable in most roles from his piercing blue eyes and bald head.

We at Kino Klubb are massive fans of Donald’s work through his amazing performances in such great films as Wake in Fright (1971), Halloween (1978) and The Caretaker (1960). He is an actor that helped shape our childhood and when we learned that he was a local lad we decided that this was a cause for celebration and we wanted Nottinghamshire to take pride in his acting heritage. 

We’ll be showing 4 films- You Only Live Twice with Pleasance as Blofeld, Roman Polanski’s psychological thriller, Cul De Sac, George Lucas’ first film THX 1138 and to finish Gary Sherman’s 70s horror, Death Line (AKA Raw Meat).

Full passes start from just £20. For more information and tickets please visit our website:

Pleas Fest has been made possible by funding from Film Hub Central East, part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network.  We’re very grateful to them for the opportunity to be able to put this festival on and celebrate the fantastic work of Donald Pleasance.

Hope to see you there!


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