Fantastiq III has launched!


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Fantastiq Film Festival weekend returns from 8th – 10th May with a action packed line up of films fantastique! With special guests on hand to discuss their work in the world of fantasy, sci-fi and horror cinema plus many exciting screenings including previews, short films and 35mm classics from the vaults.

Weekend Passes are £50 and including access to all events and screenings. This also applies to any Derby Film Festival events happening over the weekend too including Jenny Agutter In Conversation.

So what we got for ya!!!

Special Guests

Fantastiq - Peter Sasdy

Peter Sasdy In Conversation

Director Peter Sasdy is probably best known as the director classic Hammer films such as Taste The Blood Of Dracula, The Hands Of The Ripper and Countess Dracula as well as iconic television like Hammer House Of Horror. But Sasdy also has had great success in bringing fright to the small screen with shows like Supernatural, Hammer’s House Of Mystery And Suspense, 1990 and the iconic BBC television film The Stone Tape.

A long career of over 30 years has seen Sasdy direct such actors as Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Peter Vaughan, Edward Woodward, Jack Palance, Diana Dors, and many more.

We are delighted to welcome Peter Sasdy to Fantastiq. for an onstage discussion of his career, hosted by writer, broadcaster and Fantastiq director, Tony Earnshaw.

Plus 35mm screenings of Hands Of The Ripper, Nothing But The Night and digital screening of the classic BBC ghost story The Stone Tape.


Jake West In ConversationJakewest

Jake West burst onto the UK horror scene in 1998 with vampire comedy Razor Blade Smile. He has also directed Evil Aliens, Pumpkinhead: Ashes To Ashes, Doghouse and contributed to the successful ABCs Of Death franchise. Jake also has had success as a documentarian with his two examinations of the video nasties era, Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape and Draconian Days. Jake joins us at Fantastiq to discuss his career in horror.

Plus screenings of Doghouse and Video Nasties: Draconian Days

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" - UK Film Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Plus don’t miss Derby Film Festival’s Special Guest Jenny Agutter appearing on Saturday 9th May at 3pm.  There are multiple screenings of genre examples of Jenny’s career screening over the weekend also. The Fantastiq Weekend Pass gets you into the Jenny Agutter in Conversation talk also.

DOABook Launch

Dead Or Alive – British Horror Films 1980 – 1989


Edited by Darrell Buxton (‘Samhain’, ‘We Belong Dead’) and with a foreword by director Michael J. Murphy (‘Invitation To Hell’, ‘Nekros’) “British horror films in the 80s? Were there any?!” You’d be surprised. ‘Dead or Alive’ is the new book from the team behind ‘The Shrieking Sixties’ and contains in-depth reviews of horror movies made during “the decade that the British film industry forgot”! From work by major names like Kubrick, Russell, and Barker, through to amateur items shot on video; ‘Dead or Alive’ covers the whole range.




Followed by a screening of Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

This year we have decided to flavour the festival with a smattering of the new alongside the classics of yesteryear. We have five previews, one UK premiere and one world premiere for your eager eyes.

Fantastiq Previews and Premieres

Nightmare CodeUK Premiere – Nightmare Code (18 Adv)

Friday 8th May at 4:30pm

USA   2014   89 mins  Dir: Mark Netter

After a programmer on a top secret project snaps in a murderous rage a code-wizard is brought in to complete the job and discover what went wrong. The deeper he delves into his predecessor’s work the more the code seems to take a life of its own, in this smart thriller, making innovative use of security cameras and split screen effects.

SURVIVAL STILL BWorld Premiere – Survival Instinct (18 Advised)

Friday 8th May at 6:15pm

UK   2014   75 mins   Dir: Steve Lawson

Stacey and Thom’s car breaks down in the Peak District. When Stacey goes in search of water, she meets locals Weaver and Rex. A fatal accident will soon put the locals and outsiders in opposition and Stacey’s attempts to escape can hold off a deadly showdown for only so long in this fast paced horror thriller.


Fantastiq - Kill Granny KillKill, Granny, Kill!

Friday 8th May at 11pm

USA   2014   70 mins  Dir: Jacob Ennis

Abby Daniels answers an advert for a live-in home help for an elderly woman. Arriving at a remote farmhouse to begin the job she soon suspects something is amiss with her new employer. When Abby breaks the cardinal rule of the household and sneaks a boyfriend in for the night she is plunged into a nightmare of mammoth proportions. Kill Granny Kill! is an outrageous tribute to 70s grindhouse cinema, full of gore, laughs and amoral octogenarians!

110661_originalSpring (15 Advised) 

Saturday 9th May at 6:15pm

USA   2014   109 mins   Dir: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead

Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) is a young man in a dangerous tailspin. Escaping to Europe, he forges a connection with mysterious local Louise (Nadia Hilker). Romance blossoms but Louise is harbouring secrets which will endanger not only their new found love, but their lives too. Spring is a remarkable genre-melding film of which the less you know about beforehand the better. Its future cult classic status is assured.

Electric_Boogaloo_StillElectric Boogaloo – The Wild, Untold Story Of Cannon Films (18)

Saturday 9th May at 8:30pm

Australia   2014   107 mins Dir: Mark Hartley

When Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus bought Cannon Films in 1979 they  attempted beat Hollywood at its own game. In the process they made a star out of Chuck Norris and funded ventures by auteurs including Godard and Cassavetes. Electric Boogaloo is a funny guide to the golden years of Cannon, with a wide range of interviewees recollecting gorillas arriving at the company offices for meetings, the company’s curious obsession with ninjas and much more!

Followed by a screening of the Ninja classic Ninja III – The Domination

When Animals DreamWhen Animals Dream (15 Advised) S

Sunday 10th May at 6pm

Norway   2014   84 mins   Dir: Jonas Alexander Arnby

A grisly 21st century mix of Carrie and Ginger Snaps, When Animal’s Dream revolves around Marie, a young girl who works at the local fish factory in a Danish fishing village with her protective father and disabled mother. It becomes apparent that the rest of the village are very wary of this family. Marie’s sense of isolation is heightened when she starts undergoing a disturbing physical transformation! A beautiful film with bite.

Banner ImageClosing Night Preview – A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night 

Sun 10th May at 8:15pm

USA   2014   99 mins  Dir: Ana Lily Amirpour

In a desolate Iranian ghost-town known as “Bad City” a lonely vigilante vampire preys on those she considers evil. One night she meets a young man and finds that perhaps her loneliness could be at an end. Filmed in beautiful black and white and melding elements of the western and horror genres to create a truly original vision, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night has received accolades the world over.

From The Archive – 35mm Retrospective Screenings

A selection of screenings from the Fantastiq 35mm archive.

The Dead ZOneThe Dead Zone (15)

Friday 8th May at 6:30pm

USA 1983   103 mins   Dir: David Cronenberg

Two horror heavyweights come together in this adaptation of the Stephen King novel by director David Cronenberg (Scanners, Rabid). When teacher Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) is involved in a car crash he is in a coma for five years. Upon waking he finds that when he makes physical contact with a person he has visions of their future. When he shakes the hand of political candidate Greg Stillson (Martin Sheen) he sees that this is the man who will bring about the end of the world. Johnny finds himself with no choice but to act.

MSDMANG EC003The Mangler (18)

Friday 8th May at 8:45pm

USA/Australia/South Africa   1995   106 mins   Dir: Tobe Hooper

The Mangler of the title is a laundry press in an industrial laundry owned by Bill Gartley (Robert Englund). An accident causes a splash of blood to land inside it awakening a demon. Soon people are dying in mysterious circumstances and police officer John Hunton (Ted Levine) is assigned the case. Director Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) lets the blood run freely in this adaptation of the Stephen King short story.

lizardssd105Schizoid (18) aka Lizard In A Woman’s Skin (18)

Friday 8th May at 12 noon

Italy   1971   95 mins   Dir: Lucio Fulci

Carol Hammond (Florinda Bolkan) is the daughter of a well respected politician and keeps having vivid nightmares in which she partakes of all night sex and drug orgies. One night she dreams of horrifically murdering her downstairs neighbour and when she wakes up discovers that the neighbour has indeed been killed and that she is the prime suspect. Director Fulci (Zombie Flesh Eaters) takes on the giallo genre with his characteristic lack of restraint in this psychedelic mix of dream sequences, red herrings and outrageous twists.

Schizoid is screening on a vintage 35mm UK release print from the Fantastiq archive. Patrons should expect it to be a cut version.

Also screening:

Jenny A - American WerewolfAn American Werewolf In London (15)

Friday 8th May at 12 noon and Sat 9th May at 4:45pm

UK/USA   1981   93 mins   Dir: John Landis

When two American students touring the English countryside are attacked by a vicious wolf during a full moon, their lives are transformed forever. Featuring festival guest Jenny Agutter in a key role as well as ground-breaking Oscar winning make-up, this cult classic perfectly blends the macabre with a wicked touch of humour.

I Start CountingI Start Counting (15)

Friday 8th May at 2pm

UK   1970   105 mins   Dir: David Greene

Teenager Wynne (Jenny Agutter) is adopted by a new family and develops a crush on her new elder brother George. When Wynne’s friend Corinne is murdered by a psychopath who has been stalking the local area George is accused of the crime. Wynne determinedly sets out to prove his innocence. Festival guest Jenny Agutter takes the lead role in this psychological thriller which also has elements of the slasher genre which became so prominent from the late 70s onwards.

extrait_logan-s-run_0Logan’s Run (12A)

Friday 8th May at 4pm

USA   1976   119 mins   Dir: Michael Anderson


In 2274 society keeps the population at a manageable level by ending all lives at the age of 30. Logan (Michael York), whose job it is to hunt runners that try to evade their fate is tasked with tracking down “Sanctuary”, the place the escapees are trying to reach. Teaming up with Jessica (Agutter) he finds that his whole world is built upon a lie and is forced to become a runner himself.

Plus don’t miss festival guest Jenny Agutter in The Railway Children (U) screening Sat 9th May and Sun 10th May


Check out the full programme at



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