Summer Sun Rises Over Satori Screen

Satori Logo Lg Taking a step away from the gore and fur of Fright Club and Fantastiq, Satori Screen have a couple of gems to offer in July and August. Satori Screen host Peter Munford presents a charming comedy and a classic of the wuxia (martial arts) genre! adrift

ADRIFT IN TOKYO (PG) – Subtitled – Friday 3rd July

Japan 2007 Dir: Satoshi Miki 101m

Layabout slacker Fumiya (Jo Odagiri) is in deep debt to loan sharks. When low level gangster Fukuhara (Tomomokazu Miura) comes to collect, Fumiya has no way of paying. Fukuhara then offers to clear the debt on condition Fumiya keeps him company as he takes a walk through Tokyo to a police station on the other side of the city where he intends to confess to a terrible crime. Fumiya has no choice but to accept. Setting off on their journey through the back streets of the city, an uneasy friendship begins to form as they encounter bizarre characters and learn about each other’s past. Adrift In Tokyo is a comedic crowdpleaser, full of big laughs and expertly drawn performances as well as offering a glimpse at parts of Tokyo rarely seen on UK screens. Dragon Inn

DRAGON INN (PG) – Subtitled – Friday 14th August

Taiwan 1967 Dir: King Hu 111m

The chief eunuch of the Ming Emperor dispatches his secret police to kill the children of a political rival with the intention of severing his bloodline, but upon arriving at Dragon Inn a stranger blows their cover and the stage is set for all manner of hugely inventive and exciting martial arts battles. Director King Hu’s reputation as a legend of the wuxia (martial arts) genre was established with Dragon Inn, in which he deftly combined an epic storyline, gracefully choreographed action and an eye for period detail. A rare chance to see a classic of Asian cinema, beautifully restored and back on the big screen.

Tickets for Adrift In Tokyo can be booked here, with Dragon Inn ones available here.


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