Mayhem hits Nottingham! – Preview of Mayhem Film Festival 2015


Ahead of the start of Mayhem Film Festival today over at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham, here on The Fringes we took a look at their excellent programme and picked out a highlight a day for you.

Thursday 15th October


FUTURE SHOCK – The Story of 2000AD + Q&A with the Director’s and 2000ad artist D’Israeli and Ian Culbard

Zarjaz! The true, unexpurgated tale of the radical cult science-fiction comic which brought the world Judge Dredd. With insight from contributors Pat Mills, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and a host of other legendary artists and writers

  • A great selection that really highlights the growth of Mayhem as a festival stretching beyond the confines of a horror festival to take in science-fiction, fantasy and the bat-shit crazy. A bit like 2000ad.

Friday 16th October

Nina Forever

NINA FOREVER + Q&A with Director’s Chris and Ben Blaine and Producer Cassandra Sigsaard

After his girlfriend dies in an accident, Rob falls in love with co-worker, Holly, but their relationship is interrupted by Nina bloodily returning from the dead every time they try to have sex. Dark romance can’t get darker than this gore drenched love triangle.

  • This looks great. Like a blend between a zombie film and a ghost story with a bit of sitcom thrown in for good measure!

Saturday 17th October


The Unquenchable Thirst Of Dracula – Live Script Reading

A live reading of Hammer’s unfilmed, long-lost screenplay, resurrected with a live cast including Jonathan Rigby (“A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss”) as our narrator. Count Dracula escape to India where his evil influence is just as insidious and powerful.

  • A great example of the added extras that Mayhem bring to the festival scene. Previous year’s have seen Don’t Look Now in a Cathedral and live musical scores to silent classics, here they go one step further and bring back from the grave an un-filmed Hammer script. Should be a very special night!

Sunday 18th October



Hugely entertaining heavy metal horror following a group of bored metal fans who unwittingly unleash an evil demon upon their small town. Can they unite to stop The Blind One? Will the path of true love find a way? Lurid, hysterically funny and as blood thirsty as an early Peter Jackson film.

  • And finally a bit of fun for a Sunday Service.

That’s just four highlights from an action packed programme – there is so much more happening between Thursday and Sunday evening. Check it out if you can. Tickets – Here

And  If your appetite for horror and cult has recovered the next offerings from The Fringes are:

On the 23rd October join Satori Screen for a rare cinema outing for Satoshi Kon’s PAPRIKA while also from the 23rd, All The Right Notes presents a cinema run for the Killing Joke doc The Death And Resurrection Show.

Then  the Halloween tradition returns! DEAD AND BREAKFAST VII – featuring THE THING, CANDYMAN, BEASTS – DURING BARTY’S PARTY, STUDENT BODIES, WE ARE STILL HERE and ZOMBIELAND. Fright Club’s annual all night horror marathon arrives once again to chill you from dusk til dawn.


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