When setting up Satori Screen back in 2012 I had a big list of films I would like to show. Over the 3 years since I have managed to tick many of these off the list. However, the film at the top of the list, LADY TERMINATOR has so far eluded me. Not for much longer though, as we have finally worked out a way to screen this utterly insane piece of James Cameron ripping-off Indonesian trash cinema to the people of Derby.

Lady Terminator tells the tale of an American anthropologist in Indonesia investigating the legendary “South Sea Queen”. But when her quest brings her just a little bit too close to the mythical queen our heroine finds herself transformed into an unstoppable killing machine and the police are ill prepared for what is about to hit them. Lifting whole scenes from the James Cameron classic and adding a huge heap of crazy on top, Lady Terminator must be seen to be believed.

As no real trailer seems to exist for this film, at least not online, here’s one we have made ourselves:

The screening takes place at QUAD on December 11th and you can book a ticket at QUAD’s website


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