Review – Dude Bro Party Massacre III

We share reviews of our upcoming films from time to time to get the word out in the world that this film is worth your money. When QUAD’s facilities officer Daryn Shepherd mentioned that he’d been to LA (Really? He never bloody mentioned it!!) and had seen a screening of this classic, we immediately bullied, coerced, asked politely that he should write a short review for the Fringes blog. That was then, this is now and here it is.

Motherface 43

The demented killer “Mother Face” is on the loose again, this time killing from the psychiatrist’s chair. The soft focus delight of a spring morning turns dark, the curtains drenched in blood. Then comes a bit of tape hiss, some tracking issues and then the commercials start. Thus begins 5-Second films long gestating comedy horror project “Dude Bro Party Massacre II” a delirious mixed media assault on the senses, bringing to mind the work of Astron-6 (makers of the films Father’s Day and Manborg) and coming off as a slightly more tongue in cheek, less noxious Troma.

Ensemble 43

The framing device here is that DBPM3 is a banned film, surviving today only as a VHS tape recorded by a teenager from a late night television station. This sort of idea has been done before but rarely as deliriously and as stacked with fun, absurd cameos. Larry King, Andrew WK, The Room’s Greg Sestero and Patton Oswalt all make appearances with the latter two serving up some of the best moments as the head of the fraternity that the protagonist must pledge to in order to solve the mystery of his twin brother (phew!) and the local police chief/ cult leader. All the familiar tropes are suitably taken to task but the film is at its best when it launches into full absurdity, with a recurring joke about a “bag of oranges” being the most memorable, leading the film to a series of jaw dropping false climaxes.

Special attention should be paid to cast member and writer Brian Firenzi as the tragic Officer Sminkle. What little emotional heft the film manages to undercut its gleeful stupidity with is centred on him. He really nails big scenes and delivering most of the film’s most successful jokes. The film truly casts its net wide and benefits from having multiple writers with different perspectives on its subject matter, avoiding the pitfalls of many parody films with large writer’s rooms; you really feel everyone involved has their own unique ideas to bring to the table, meaning the film feels fresh and is never boring. You will leave giggling, or you won’t leave at all!

DBPM3 Poster 300DPI 5-21-15


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