Fantastiq Over Derby! Part 1

We are just a few weeks away from Fantastiq 2016, so I thought I would bring together some of the offerings that the festival have to offer in one easily digestable piece.

Fantastiq returns with a raft of goodies over the weekend of Fri 6th May – Sun 8th May. New films and old litter the schedule.

Weekend passes and individual tickets are on sale here

Let’s start with farm fresh produce:

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INTRUDERS (18) – Friday 6th May at 6:30pm

Formally known as Shut In, this is a really nice play on the home invasion movie centred around agoraphobic Anna (Beth Riesgraf). Her condition is so severe that not even three violent criminal breaking in can force her to leave. Unfortunately for the criminals, agoraphobia is the least of Anna’s psychological problems!



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THE SNARLING (18) – Friday 6th May at 8:45pm

Ideal Friday night viewing, this new horror comedy sees a film crew shooting a new zombie who get more than they bargained for when a series of bloody murders make things hairy for the crew.

Director Pablo Raybould joins us to introduce the film on Friday night.

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MODEL HUNGER – Friday 6th May at 10:45pm

Middle aged Ginny (genre icon Lynn Lowry) holds a deep-seated grudge about her rejection by the modelling world when she was a younger woman. She has grown into a damaged and bloodthirsty woman whose hobbies include murder and cannibalism. When her new neighbour Debbie (Tiffany Shepis) takes an interest in Ginny she is forced to curtail some of her bloody activities and a showdown is inevitable. Scream Queen Debbie Rochon moves behind the camera for an accomplished directorial debut which features some excellent old school gore effects.

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IT CAME FROM CONNEMARA – Saturday 7th May at 1:30pm

In the 1990s exploitation king Roger Corman set up a studio in Connemara, Ireland to shoot the kind of ‘B’ movies that had made his reputation 35 years earlier. Embracing all the ingredients  – sex, violence, horror – that had given him a succession of hits in America he sought to do the same in Connemara. This compelling film charts his success and, ultimately, his legacy.

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APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD – Saturday 7th May at 3:30pm

In an alternate 1941, Napoleon V has ruled France for 70 years and many inventors have mysteriously vanished, depriving the world of discoveries including electricity, aviation and the combustion engine. In this world run on coal and steam young girl April and her cat search for her parents, who are among the missing scientists. A fantastic animated adventure, full of derring-do and intrigue.

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BANJO – Saturday 7th May at 6pm and Sunday 8th May at 8pm

Peltzer Arbuckle is a shy office worker who spends his days being humiliated by his boss and teased by his co-workers. When he receives an upsetting sexual injury and news of this reaches his colleagues Peltzer snaps and conjures up his childhood imaginary friend Ronnie, who pressures Peltzer into exacting gruesome revenge. An outrageously twisted horror comedy that is sure to have you laughing and screaming in equal measure.

Director Liam Regan joins us on Saturday 7th at 6pm to introduce his film and do a Q+A.

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GREEN ROOM – Saturday 7th May at 8pm

A punk rock band plays a gig at a bar owned by white supremacists. As they prepare to leave they stumble across a dead body. Barricading themselves in the venue’s green room, they are in a tense standoff with a gang of thugs, led by Sir Patrick Stewart, who will stop at nothing to permanently silence them. Director Saulnier gained great notices for his micro-budget hit Blue Ruin and proves himself equally capable of handling a larger budget and big-league actors with this extremely accomplished thriller.

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AMERICAN GUINEA PIG – BLOODSHOCK – Saturday 7th May at 10pm

Derby-based horror writer and reviewer Alex Davis will be talking about his first book on film, Film Gutter Volume 1. Exploring the darkest and most twisted side of cinema, Film Gutter has trawled the world of movies from extreme classics such as A Serbian Film and the Guinea Pig series through to modern masterpieces such as Flowers and Headless. Alex will be talking about the experience of watching the most shocking and cutting-edge in cinema and taking your questions, with copies of the paperback on sale for the first time.

Followed by the UK premiere of: AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BLOODSHOCK (Adv 18)

Throughout the 1980s, Japan’s Guinea Pig series fascinated and horrified viewers in equal measure. Now, in the 2010s, the American Guinea Pig movies aim to offer the same blend of extreme violence and unflinching horror to a modern audience. Following on from the cult success of 2014’s debut title, Bouquet of Guts and Gore, the AGP series thunders on with the unrelenting Bloodshock. This black and white masterpiece of extreme horror will leave you breathless with its mix of bleak hallucination and hardcore torture.

This movie contains extremely strong violence and scenes of torture. Consequently, entry will only be open to Derby Film Festival and Fantastiq passholders and Film Gutter Book Launch attendees

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THE CALL UP – Sunday 8th May at 6pm

For a group of online gamers an invitation to test a brand new virtual reality game proves impossible to resist. Arriving at the test site the group find the new game is a flawless recreation of modern warfare. They are at first exhilarated but things take a dark turn when they realise that the price of a death in-game is death in the real world. The group must fight for survival in this fast paced and stylish sci-fi thriller.





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