Dead & Breakfast Final Film Announced!

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We’ve already announced the bulk of the line up for this year’s Dead And Breakfast IX. These include 60s avian nightmare THE BIRDS,  70s shocker THE OMEN, 80’s satirical body horror SOCIETY, and brand new B&B (2017) plus the spooky short THE SIGNALMAN.

Now, after some wrangling with rights holders, we are in a position to unveil the final film in the killer calvacade of carnage!











Inferno QUAD

Dario Argento’s descent into darkness and the second in the thematic Three Mothers trilogy, INFERNO tells the tale of a brother and sister investigating a series or murders in New York that seem to centre around the sister’s apartment block and it’s coven of inhabitants!

A surreal journey through trippy sets and stylish set pieces brought to life by a director at the very top of his game. Building on the impressive style of Suspiria, Inferno is, at least in my eyes, a superior watch!

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Dead & Breakfast Programmer – Adam J Marsh


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