About The Fringes

The Fringes is a collective of relatively like minded people who programme films at QUAD. Films that stand outside of the main QUAD programme, films on the fringes as it were.

Fright Club explores the darkness on the edge of town with tales of terror, psychological and visceral. Satori Screen travels beyond this sceptred isle to present the best of East Asian cinema. They say that the past is foreign country too and they do things differently there. Crossing The Streams presents the rich pickings from the cinema of the 1980s. Cine-Files is a new monthly strand looking at the best of classic and contemporary cinema with illustrated talks and post screening discussions and 625 Line brings the small screen to the big screen showcasing the best in British Cult Television.  Fringe Cinema showcases the cinema that falls through the cracks, the future visions, the fevre dreams and the flashbacks while All The Right Notes brings the music to the party with a range of documentaries, live concert films and feature films.

And finally Festivals brings together the people for focused celebrations around Doctor Who (Whooverville), the best of sci-fi, fantasy and horror both literary (EDGE-Lit) and celluloid (FANTASTIQ).


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