The Fringes in 2014!

It was been an interesting year for Fringes Cinema in 2014; Since we launched in February, we have screened a whole bunch of great titles from Gone With The Wind To Nekromantik!

Here is the year on The Fringes!


Feb - Fringes

Gone With The Wind packed out the cinemas as it graced QUAD’s Cinema 1 for the first time! Let’s Scare Jessica To Death arrived in a nice 35mm print while we broke out the first in two appearances from WWE’s Rowdy Roddy Piper with Hell Comes To Frogtown

Plus a rare screening of A Fistful Of Yen screened with the Bruce Lee classic “Enter The Dragon


Mar Fringes

Italian/ Spanish zombie terrorised the Derbyshire / Manchester countryside in The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, Buster Keaton struggled with a train in The General, while in The Night Of The Hunter Robert Mitchum preached about the forces of Love and Hate, Meiko Kaji hacked and slashed her way through the Japanese countryside in Blind Woman’s Curse and Lady Snowblood while Indy fought Nazis in Raiders Of The Lost Ark!


April Fringes

Travelling the world once again, The Fringes took in Brighton with the classic Brighton Rock, South Korea with the excellent A Tale Of Two Sisters,  the sweaty heat of New Orleans with Paul Schrader’s Cat People, Baker Street London for an afternoon of Sherlock Holmes adaptations and to the outer reaches of your mind and the ends of the universe in the BatS**T crazy The Visitor. 


May Fringes

The Fringes took a small part of the Derby Film Festival with two previews courtesy Satori Screen of Lesson Of Evil and Greatful Dead. The Raid 2 also made its return to QUAD and Fright Club welcomed Bigfoot to the building with Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek.


June Fringes

June provided some rare cinema screenings with two different adaptations of The Maltese Falcon from 1931 and 1941, Alex Cox’s film Repo Man that brought the phrase Melon Farmers into the modern lexicon, Korean High School thriller Pluto, Eddie Murphy swearing across the stage in Raw and Jason Vorhees in glorious 80s 3D (Friday The 13th part 3 3D).


July Fringes

July was DIVINE! I Am Divine played celebrating the life of John Water’s muse. Jackie Chan embarked on his Operation Condor, while The National were Mistaken For Strangers and Fright Club stretch the boundaries of its genre with the incredible They Live.


Aug Fringes

Deer Hunting (The Deerhunter), Roadgames, Ozploitation (Not Quite Hollywood) and Belle And Sebastian (God Help The Girl) all livened up August.


Sept Fringes

September The Fringes went SCALARAMA! with a mammoth amount of screenings including Nick Cave: 20’000 Days On Earth (ATRN), Bright Future (SATORI SCREEN), previews of White Settlers and Devil’s Tower from FRIGHT CLUB plus the return of Odorama to cinemas with a Scratch and Sniff screenings of Polyester! 


Oct Fringes

Dead And Breakfast emerged from its tomb to scare people through the night with its movie marathon of chills. Hellraiser, Torso, An American Werewolf In London, Wolfcop and the audience standout film PSYCHO BEACH PARTY! While Fright Club felt the grasp of Satan’s Claw with a screening of The Blood On Satan’s Claw. Plus Satori Screen did a double bill of Godzilla (1954) and Mothra (1961), Epic! screened Seven Samurai and 625 Line celebrated the work of Gerry Anderson with a Supermarionation weekend.


Nov Fringes

The pinnacle of Adam J Marsh’s cinema programming career occurred when the seminal duck movie Howard A New Breed Of Hero graced cinema screens. Fright Club hosted a rare cinema screening of Tombs Of The Blind Dead, plus Don’t Look Now and new horror darling The Babadook. All The Right Notes welcomed Bjork and Edwin Collins with screenings of Biophillia and Possibilities Are Endless while Fringe Cinema unearth cult classic (?) Super Mario Bros for a screening.


Dec Fringes

And last but by no means least Christmas arrived with a special Fright Club screening of Christmas Evil with Director Skype Q&A with Lewis Jackson. Epic! hosted a screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey as part of the BFI Sci-FI season while Fringe Cinema join in with the fun with a showing of Brazil. 625 Line joined forces with Doctor Who group The Whoovers to welcome Doctor Who producer Philip Hinchcliffe to QUAD. Satori Screen went from rare kung fu action to the smallest action star in the world with a rare showing of For Y’Ur Height Only starring Weng Weng 2 foot 9 inches of ass kicking mayhem plus filled in a gap due to a cancellation with the anime classic Akira! Finally Crossing The Streams continued their Christmas film tradition but this time one film wasn’t good enough. John McClane had two very bad days as Die Hard and Die Hard 2: Die Harder rocked people’s Christmas!

What was your highlight from 2014?

Who knows what 2015 will hold in store on the Borderlands that is Fringe Cinema!!!!


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