Fascination with The Last Horror Movie will make you Scream! It follows…

Fright Club continues to bring you a varied mixture of titles and the first three of 2015 exemplify that!

First Up, in conjunction with the University Of Derby’s MA in Horror and Transgression, we present…

Last Horror Movie

The Last Horror Movie (18) – Friday 30th January

UK   2003   80 mins  Dir: Julian Richards

This meta-heavy horror film follows wedding cameraman Max Parry (Kevin Howarth) and his assistant as they murder their victims and videotape their crimes. Recording them onto a rental store video tape, they use the video to source their next victims. An excellent independent British film with a stellar central performance from Howarth as the deranged serial killer.

Presented by The University Of Derby’s Horror And Transgression MA. There will be a Q&A and a post screening discussion hosted by lecturer Matthew Cheeseman and MA student Lea Weller.

Tickets here


Fascination (18) S – Friday 20th February at 8:45pm

France   1979   80 mins Dir: Jean Rollin

Fright Club has been going for a few years now but we have never screened a film by Euro Horror director Jean Rollin. Well it is time to rectify that. Fascination includes lots of the regular themes in Rollin’s work, namely beautiful vampires!  Set in 1905, the film follows Marc a thief who seeks refuge in a castle. The two chambermaids are looking after the castle but are part of a vampiric cult of blood drinking aristocrats!

Tickets here

Drew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream"

Scream (18) – Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March

USA   1996   111 mins Dir: Wes Craven

Do You Like Scary Movies? Seminal slasher Scream enters the last year as a teenager (19 this year) and what better time for Fright Club to resurrect Ghostface that as part of a teen season. One year after Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell)’s mother is killed,  fresh bodies start to show up and soon the killer has Sydney in his sights!

Tickets on sale soon



It Follows (15) – From Friday 27th February

USA   2014   100 mins Dir: David Robert Mitchell

Teens, A Lake and a bit of hanky panky…all the ingredients a usual teen horror. But after a night of all three Jay (Maika Monroe – The Guest) wakes up with strange visions and the creepy feeling that someone is following her. Already garnering amazing reviews and buzz, similar to last year’s Babadook, this is not to be missed on the big screen horror film.

Tickets on sale soon



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